OmniVis 2020 Year End Recap

Summer 2020 OmniVis Team Video Conference

Global communities came together to persevere through a difficult year for many and help those most in need. On our part as a biotech company in the heart of one of the world’s innovation hubs, OmniVis has continued to push forth our #rapiddetection projects with the goal of helping communities most in need around the world. For those who have been following OmniVis throughout the year and others who may be joining us on our mission, here are a few of our major updates over 2020:

Major Biotech Updates

OmniVis rapid test device development

1. Global Pandemic Response: COVID-19 Rapid Test Device & OmniMask

In response to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and its harm to global communities, OmniVis committed to utilizing our cholera rapid detection technology to diagnose SARS-CoV-2. To read more about our solution and the importance of rapid disease detection, read our blog post:

2. Cholera Product: Handheld Device Upgrade + Test Management Web Portal

Although many of our on-site testings have been put on hold last year, our team continued to innovate our existing solution to increase accessibility and information utilization. In 2020, we changed our handheld mobile device model to create an independent handheld device that analyzes 3 reactions for a pathogen in water samples, all under 30 minutes. In addition to our device, we’ve built an integrated web portal for users and admin to track areas with detected diseases. We continue our mission to equip communities with the knowledge and ability to protect their health.

New Partners and Funders of 2020

Grant Partners: USDA, NSF, GSMA, HGC, IsDB, Booz Allen Foundation, NIST

Over the past year, OmniVis was able to work with amazing partners and have made great steps for global health together. Our partners include the United States Department of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation, GSMA, Humanitarian Grand Challenge, the Islamic Development Bank, Booz Allen Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We look forward to the progression of our projects throughout the next year. For more information on our updates visit our updates page:

Product Partners: Stop the Spread & Parexel

OmniVis was able to meet Stop the Spread at SOCAP 2020. Stop the Spread has been a great partner who’s helped us get in touch with organizations with who we plan to work for clinical trials, potential investments, and other opportunities. Parexel will be guiding us as we seek FDA approval for our rapid detection devices.

2021: Projected Product Launch Plans

COVID-19 Test: Spring 2021

OmniVis will start clinical trials of our rapid test device in Q1 and we have plans to release our COVID-19 rapid test device kit for early Spring 2021. As COVID-19 continues to spread and inhibit our communities, rapid detection is a necessary step towards containment of the disease so our limited vaccine supplies are able to help more people effectively. The medical industry has been making amazing advances in vaccination solutions for COVID-19; however, many areas and countries may not have the resources to purchase and deploy vaccinations to their people. Stopping the spread of COVID-19 and building communities back starts with prevention and early detection of the virus.

Cholera Test: 2nd Half of 2021

From the inception of OmniVis, we’ve been working with affected communities to stop the harms of cholera through rapid detection. We will be working with partners on the ground in communities such as Kenya, Bangladesh, and Haiti to conduct further studies of our device with plans to manufacture and bring to market our cholera Test Kits for the latter half of 2021. OmniVis plans to raise capital with investors starting in January 2021 to expand our clinical trials. We look forward to expanding our solutions to communities in need.

Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout the year. We look forward to working with our partners throughout this upcoming year! Please reach out to us and engage with us on our social media platforms:

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👉 The power of the lab in the palm of your hand. | Designing devices to detect dangerous pathogens. | Rapid. Precise. Mobile.

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👉 The power of the lab in the palm of your hand. | Designing devices to detect dangerous pathogens. | Rapid. Precise. Mobile.